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The Seven Rules of Hillel are:

(1) Chol v'chomer - argument from lesser to greater (or greater to lesser) "If this .... then how much more so..."

(2) Gezeirah shavah - argument by analogy -- comparing similar words in different passages.

(3) Binyan av - a foundational passage serves to interpretate other passages.

(4) Kelal ufrat - a general summary statement is followed by an explanatory, more specific statement.

(5) Sh'enei ketuvim - standard from two passages - a decision where two laws that seem to contradict are settled by another verse which resolves the conflict.

(6) Ke yotzei bo mimakom acher - "like it says elsewhere" - explanation of a word in one text is clarified by use of same word in an unrelated text.

(7) Davar halameid mi'inyano - definition from context of total passage.

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